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Judicial HCB Actuarial Valuations

​The Actuarial Valuation of the Judicial Retirement Hybrid Cash Balance Plan represents a report of the pension and health benefits of the Plan and includes, but is not limited to, statistical data and information on contributions, benefit payouts and participant (member and retiree) demographics.  The Valuation also provides financial statement disclosure information in accordance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.  Pursuant to KRS 21.525, the Actuarial Valuation in an odd-numbered year includes the annual required state contribution.

JRP 2018 Hybrid Cash Balance Plan Valuation333 KB
JRP 2017 Hybrid Cash Balance Plan Valuation876 KB
JRP 2016 Hybrid Cash Balance Plan Valuation350 KB
JRP 2015 Hybrid Cash Balance Plan Valuation370 KB